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Krekeler Brower Wealth Advisors works with successful attorneys to pursue their financial goals. We personally assist busy, time-is-at-a-premium attorneys in the development of an objective, well thought out, action plan that seeks to provide for themselves and their families. One written plan focused on your unique life defining goals.

Krekeler Brower Wealth Advisors has expertise in all facets of planning for attorneys with emphasis on the following areas;

  1. Comprehensive planning
    • Every facet of your financial life addressed in a written plan
    • Semi-annual review and quarterly update
  2. Asset management
    • Objective advice to match your unique requirements
    • Return potential with managed risk
  3. 401(k) advice and active management
    • Manage directed brokerage arrangement
    • Proactive asset management
  4. Retirement cash flow modeling to help you avoid running out of money
    • Which assets to spend and in what order
    • Identification and development of fixed income sources
    • Integrated what-if planning
  5. Development of wealth transfer strategies
    • Focus on your desires for a legacy
    • Insure money left to loved ones is safe from predatory practices
    • Make sure you get the biggest bang for your bucks
  6. Divestiture of partnership interests
    • Explore all options for your best benefit
    • Avoid unnecessary taxes