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401(k) Plan Participants

With the traditional pension disappearing and the viability of social security in question, the 401(k) plan is perhaps the best and most important way people can save for retirement. And it's one of the most valuable benefits an employer provides.

Yet many people fail to take advantage of their 401(k). Why? 
    • Confusion – people don’t get it 
    • It's self-directed – it requires proactive action from the participant 
    • “Living in the day” – people fail to plan for the future 
    • Time – people are too busy to focus on it 
    • Fear – people are afraid of making mistakes

And many people make critical 401(k) mistakes: 
    • Underfunding 
    • Underinvesting 
    • Overtrading 
    • Panic 
    • Avoidance

Fortunately, all these issues can be addressed with good education and advice. And the good news is…we can potentially manage your 401(k) account for you. Who might benefit from this service? 
    • People who are confused about how to manage their 401(k) 
    • People who are uncomfortable managing their 401(k) 
    • People who are emotional about managing their 401(k) 
    • People who don’t want to think about or have the time to manage their 401(k) 
    • People who want help staying on track

How does it work? 
    • Your assets stay where they are as part of your company’s 401(k) plan. But if your plan allows it, you open a “self-directed brokerage account (SDBA)” within your 401(k) and transfer money to it. For example, many Fidelity 401(k) plans offer a “BrokerageLink®” account and many Schwab 401(k) plans offer a “Personal Choice Retirement Account®."
    • You give us the authority to manage the account 
    • Within the SDBA, we have access to thousands of investment choices which we use to create a portfolio tailored to your personal situation. 
    • We actively manage your 401(k) account for you and remove the burden from you 
    • Our fee is paid quarterly out of your 401(k) funds or separately from your 401(k) funds

What you get: 
    • Management of your 401(k) account for a competitive cost 
    • An initial retirement analysis with periodic updates 
    • Personalized 401(k) account investment recommendations 
    • Ongoing account advice and management 
    • Quarterly performance reports 
    • Responsive, proactive communication and periodic meetings 
    • Opportunity to expand the relationship beyond the 401(k) to comprehensive planning